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Venkat: loves fitting into his old clothes after 15 years

Venkat, IT professional in his 40s, found a 'new me'. He was able to enjoy wearing his clothes from 15 years ago and adding more holes in his belt. Felt energetic, stronger & lighter after Daily9.

Aug 23, 2020

Felt energetic, stronger and lighter too!

An inspirational story from Venkat who lost more than 6% of his starting body weight over D9's 10 week programme, and then lost another 8% in his second round of the D9 programme.  Spending money on new clothes is definitely better than spending money on health bills, isn't it?!  

The biggest win from our perspective as health coaches is that Venkat says his new habits became part of his lifestyle, including seeing more veggies and protein on his plate.  That's what the D9 is about - helping people learn better habits and making it a part of their lifestyle.

Here's what Venkat says about the D9 programme:

"A fantablous activity.. D9 is more than a diet challenge that brings in discipline in one's food habits, even after the 8 week one will continue to follow the pattern, as the pattern by then would have inculcated into one's life style... A consistent weight loss program which is very methodical...You can see numbers talking your performance which is very motivating...

Excellent guidance from coaches who monitors you on a daily basis. D9 tutorials, mini-google search and help center always come handy when ever you are lost and need some clarification on the DO activities...

I feel lot more energetic, stronger and lighter...D9 kept me on my toes as I was focusing more of getting healthy food habits with daily workouts...Now-a-days I see more of Veggies and Proteins in my plate. Mar 2020 is my 2nd consecutive D9 challenge and have improved more than 20% when compared to my previous numbers in Nov 2019.

After one-and-a-half decade I am able to see my weighing scale reading in 2 digits without much of tailoring to eating habits, cooking style or dish selection. I am seeing a "new me" with more holes to my belt week on week and enjoying the outfits that I never thought of in last 15 years.

I wish the D9 challenge is for 10 weeks instead of 8 weeks.. Waiting for the next D9 session for more challenging numbers... Special thanks to Arvind and Kannan for guiding me through all sessions of D9... Wish D9 team all success."

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