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Swapna & Karthik: weight loss on a simple Indian diet.

Swapna & Karthik: Using a simple Indian vegetarian diet, they saw weight loss and stayed motivated throughout finding it simple to adjust to a healthier lifestyle

Aug 23, 2020

A healthy family is a strong family

Having recently moved to a new country, Swapna & Karthik and their 2 young sons were settling into their new roles at work while also juggling their responsibilities as parents.  

Swapna was however keen to ensure that her health did not suffer and she joined the D9 programme to ensure that she kept her focus on her personal health as well.  She found that the D9 programme was simple to follow and she was able to adjust her favourite Indian home-cooked food to the D9 recommendations very easily.


Seeing great results, she encouraged her husband Karthik to sign up a few months later and supported him in his D9 journey as well.  Karthik ended up losing almost 5 kgs over the 10 weeks!

This is what Swapna said about her D9 experience:

"Past several weeks have been an absolutely amazing journey. Thanks to D9, I now understand how I can get sufficient protein being a vegetarian. The meal ideas were great, the best part being that it all fit together with simple home cooked Indian food ;) (Imagine eating lettuce, beans, brown rice etc. in the name of fat loss - yuck!)

The D9 routine was easy to follow despite being a busy working mom in a new country! Thanks Kannan, Shivani, Arvind and Mythili. Truly impressed by your research not just in nutrition and technology (i.e. designing such an awesome app) but also you your ability to continuously inspire me through the course of the program!

I would definitely recommend D9 to one and all. Keep up the great work."

And hear from Karthik too:

Thanks team! A great experience greatly helped by Swapna (my wife) who has done this before and is a great advocate... we can’t help but talk about D9 with our friends and family. The results are here to see at the end of 10 weeks and the good thing was we embraced this as a family :)

Swapna & Karthik-The daily9
Swapna & Kartik share their weight loss experience with simple Indian diet

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