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Ravee, in his 50s, lost 8 kg & 19 cms and gained complete awareness

Aug 23, 2020

Making a commitment to health.

Ravee was clear about his goals - to get fitter and healthier.  Taking on the challenge and committing himself, he joined the Fat Loss Challenge of the D9 (the FLC, as it was then called; now developed into the Quantum Health Programme).  

Ravee ended up losing more than 8 kgs and 19 cms over the 10 week programme.  He did another round of the programme a few months later, and ended up losing almost 5 kgs more and another 10 cms.  

Read what Ravee has to say about D9's programme:

"Highly recommended for getting into healthy food habits. Get a complete awareness of what to eat and what to avoid. You get to monitor yourself and top of it Coaches are always ready to assist at any point of time on food and nutrition. I have seen the results on my self. Cheers !"

Ravee-Best habits for weight weight loss-The daily9
Before & After the Daily9 coaching programme.


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