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Meenakshi, homemaker in her 70s, made a quantum leap with her health

Aug 23, 2020

Age is no bar in achieving a healthy lifestyle - get inspired!

Meenakshi, a 71 year old homemaker, had acid reflux issues and several aches and niggles that bothered her often.  She was diagnosed with the early stages of osteopenia (low bone density).  Her excess weight did not help as it was putting pressure on her weakening bones and joints.

She realised that she needed to take action if she wanted to stay fit.  She consulted a physiotherapist to learn simple strength training exercises to help improve her bone density and muscle strength.  She also decided to join the D9 programme to learn how to eat better and get to a healthier weight.  

As a vegetarian who did not even consume eggs, she needed to focus more on getting good quality proteins.  This she did based on advice from the D9 coaches.  In addition, she learnt how to re-align her plate to get more nutritious foods.  

She ended up losing more than 6% of her starting weight.  She repeated the programme a few months later and lost an additional 4%.  She was also able to figure out which foods usually triggered the acid reflux, so that she could plan and eat better.

This is what Meenakshi said about the D9 programme:

"It is slow, steady and practical guidance and advise frequently and helps in real fat loss"

Meenakshi- Age is no bar in achieving a healthy lifestyle - get inspired!-The Daily9

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